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The DealMaker Manifesto
Go Anywhere and Under any circumstance to Make Deals and Get Paid.
“In today’s fast-changing world, it’s not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn. That skill is priceless.”  - Robert Kiyosaki 
What is The DealMaker Manifesto?
The DealMaker Manifesto is not just another book for Real Estate Investors...

There is More Money in Real Estate now than ever before, you can take the tips, tricks, and techniques and go out and do deals that no one ever suspected even existed, and it's all revealed in this book.

I show you what works, what doesn’t, AND how to secure a "1000 pound gorilla" private equity firm (cash money) to partner with you when you find the deal of a life-time. It took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to put together the kind of resources I'm offering you.
The DealMaker Manifesto is A Shortcut
So if you’ve been struggling with learning the foundation of what it takes to 
BE a DealMaker and actually make money with Real Estate Investing. You need to learn how to market, sell, negotiate, manage systems, and think differently about finances. The DealMaker Manifesto teaches you What to do.
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deal•mak•er: noun [c] a person who makes real-estate agreements, or arrangements happen that others cannot, often identifying opportunities below the surface, with a creative approach, that are not easily seen.
Introducing The DealMaker Manifesto - Go Anywhere and Under Any Circumstance to Make Deals and Get Paid...
Get Your Copy of This Free Book that’s going to help you specifically with Becoming a Real Estate DealMaker.
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • A tall guy with long hair approached me with a 2x4 in his hand. The next thing I knew I was standing there, spitting my 4 front teeth onto the asphalt, stunned. 
  • For the first time I learned (or finally just listened) to write my own script. 
  • “I had an epiphany, and I instantly knew I needed to get a better toolbox of knowledge.” - pg. 6
  • By sharing these with you, you can skip a lot of the challenges that I’ve faced in my career, and leapfrog ahead. 
  • If you’re serious about being a DealMaker, you cannot wait and hope that some realtor is going to have your best interest ahead of theirs and bring you great deals. 
  • Digging ditches for a living, I was hungry to build a better tools in my "toolbox" . I needed expert training, and fast.
  • All the way to Home Depot a few miles away and being TERRIFIED that ol’ Edna was going to speed off with the only key to my house! 
  • I flipped that house to another investor a few weeks later for $13,000. 
  • I’ve bought multi-million dollar apartment buildings with the same “Subject To” strategy.
  • One of the biggest mistakes real estate investors (and nearly all realtors) make is diluting their marketing efforts.  The best way to a constant supply of motivated sellers and listings is - pg. 11
  • All real estate entrepreneurs need to know statistically 92% of all properties sell within...
  • Target properties (you want to buy), then you should statistically have the opportunity to buy 5 or 6 deals each month. 
  • Why having a small list is better. - pg. 12
  • What to look for when picking your location to sell in. - pg. 12
  • How to add value and find your potential customers. - pg. 15
  • How to use the marketing whip. - pg. 16
  • I was sweating bullets as I drove down the 405 freeway. Twenty four years old and on my way to meet with a top hedge fund owner. 
  • In fact, he tried to eliminate me over the phone and I re-told him how hard I had worked on his bid and that I would not take no for an answer - at least until he allowed me to meet him in person one last time. 
  • And I continued “Your project is just another game for this other guy I’m bidding against, but for me, this is my Super Bowl."
  • This opened the door for me to go on to build many more ultra-high-end luxury homes and I built a $9 million dollar a year contracting business. 
  • DealMakers will create a pool of hungry fish through attracting the right fish into their pool by chumming the water with great value driven content. 
  • Being able to negotiate will make you the most money in the shortest amount of time than any other skill you could possess. 
  • In real estate you make your money when you buy, so every dollar you are able to shave off the purchase price is a dollar that drops straight to your bottom line. 
  • This one question alone has made me and my investors hundreds of thousands of dollars in and of itself over the years. 
  • We purchased it for $11.4M and immediately started getting offers to buy it from us but we had every intention of subdividing it and building two 10,000sf spec houses on it. 
  • In that instance, by holding my sand, I made $65,000 in less time than it took to walk out of the book store. 
  • No matter if you are buying or selling, never act eager to do either. 
  • You can psychologically devalue the property in their minds even before you’ve made your offer or entered into any kind of negotiation. 
  • I was eating Top Ramen and scraping nickels out of my couch just to afford my own food and start up. 
  • I also had the opportunity to build some houses for some really high-end clients and some actors who you’d probably recognize by name. 
  • Five key systems to get work off your plate. - pg. 28
  • Somebody’s going to manage your time, whether you manage your own time or somebody else manages your time by delegating things to you. Your time will be managed one way or the other, so you get to decide who’s going to manage your time and whose goals are you going to be working on.
  • You get to design the life that you want and then create it for yourself day by day.
  • I was able to raise over a million dollars to do my first development project, syndicated that way. - pg. 30
  • By the way, a major problem or challenge with a partner is that you never want to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • How to prevent your business from being based on market conditions. - pg. 31
  •  Finance or money is just a measure of the perceived value that you deliver the world. 
  • You are worth exactly what you’re paid right now and that is a hard pill to swallow, but the good news is you can change that.
  • How to successfully use TV ads in a niche market. - pg. 33
  • How to be a multi-billionaire through offering value. - pg. 34
  • Arizona electricity bills always go up like crazy during the summer because they have to run air-conditioners all the time. I can tell what kind of weather they had just by reading financial statements. - pg. 35
  •  It saved her thousands and thousands of dollars in water bill every year and she was able to increase the value of her property because she fixed a pipe. 
  • How to spot a good deal in the marketplace. - pg. 37
  • How to eliminate risk, by you getting your principle out of the deal and back into your pocket or your bank account as fast as possible. - pg. 37
  • Why you should not invest in a fancy office, spend on fancy pens or even office materials. Rather, take all of your dollars, invest all the money back into investments that gave you a good return. - pg. 39
  • What to tell your opponent as the first rule of negotiation.
    - pg. 41
  • When we look at the DealMaker fulcrum, we want to look at how there are more ways to skin the cat than just offering a low price and hoping that they'll take it.  - pg. 46
  • Technically, if I would have taken the property "subject to" taking the deed with the existing financing, I would have run the risk of them finding out and foreclosing. I was concerned about that.
  • Every single seller that responds to your marketing, you should be getting paid on. We call this the check-down system. 
  • DealMaker Society Secrets. - pg. 47
  • I figured out a way to tie up a property so that no one else could buy it. This effectively stops foreclosure so that the bank has no chance of taking it from the seller.
  • I've made a lot of money just flipping contracts in my time. I've learned those strategies. I figured out a way to do that with short sales. 
  • In my DealMaker Society, I teach all of these strategies that I'm about to tell you. I'm going to teach you how to make deals without ever having to put a penny out of your pocket to do it.
  • Make money when you buy, learn how to get a 100% return on an investment. - pg. 49
  • I would collect thousands and thousands of dollars in free rent with no payments to be made. 
  • Now it takes a lot of paperwork. If you don't do it right, and you don't make the proper disclosures, there might be some gray areas where you can get yourself in some trouble.
  • We bought repossession deals, we bought cash flow deals, we bought hundreds of units in the Texas market and did a fantastic job there. 
  • Buying houses, fixing them up and selling them is actually a high-risk business. 
  • To be a DealMaker, you don’t actually have to take big risks, contrary to what a lot of people out there seem to think. 
  • There’s a thing we say in the office when making deals. This is that nothing is true unless it can be proven in three ways. 
  • See, you need to make money when you buy, not when you sell. Otherwise, you’re just gambling and hoping the market will appreciate it. 
  • Great deals are made, not found. You’re not just going to walk down the street and just stumble across a great deal. 
  • My DealMakers can go anywhere, and under any market conditions and any circumstances, they can make deals happen. 
  • Now, if you’re that guy out there in the marketplace that’s just low-balling everybody in your path and spit-balling offers out on a free for all, you’re going to have very little respect.
  • Recon is the first thing that DealMakers do. They go in and they learn about the marketplace. They learn about what they’re up against so that they are prepared. 
  • That’s why DealMakers are able to go anywhere, under any circumstances to make deals. They know they’re target market better than anyone else so they can see a deal that others don’t. 
  • As DealMakers, we rarely ever go after properties that are listed by a real estate agent. 
  • I’ve always got a mentor. I have always had a mentor in my life, and usually, I’ve had several. A marketing coach, a sales coach, a financial advisor. 
  • What do you do when you tear open a wall and there is fifty thousand dollars of damage that you didn't account for? You just fold and go home? What do you do?
  • Graduating from flipping little junker houses and buying little rental houses to apartments is easier that you might think. 
This book will give you everything you need to build a thriving Real Estate Investing business!
"If you surround yourself around successful people and you work as a team pretty much get anything done"
~ D'Angelo
"There are a lot of different techniques to do deals, the stuff that I didn’t think about before that got my brain ticking." ~ Francis
"DealMaker Society has allowed me to really leapfrog my way into real estate investing, more than I could have ever imagined. I owe my success to it. The network of other investors alone to learn from and do deals with, has helped me tremendously." 
- Chris A. 
"I learned how to go from a 10 Unit Property to a 100 Unit Property, and how the numbers really work for 100 unit properties" ~ Haydy
"I was very impressed by what I saw"
~ Edgar
"Matt Skinner is an amazing mentor! I wouldn't get into real estate investing without someone who's already had success doing deals on their own. So, I sought out the best and that's how I found Matt. He's the real deal. The deals we've done together have been amazing and I continue to learn more and more from him and the other investors in Matt's DealMaker Society." - James B.
"There are so many that really teach theory. He teaches what he’s actually doing in real life situations. That's where the real learning comes in is learning about real life situation. The biggest thing I learned is how to use creative financing and using terms instead of just a cash offer. Really opened different negotiation strategies when doing deal with motivated sellers." ~ Mike
"If you want to learn real estate and get the game in this business you need to go see my man." ~ Steven
"Matt's not just another "guru" selling a system. He actually does deals and uses the methods he teaches. Having access to him and the other successful investors in the DealMaker Society have taught me way more than I could have learned on my own and making my own mistakes." - Aria B. 
"He totally knows what he's talking about he's helped me learn most of what I know about apartment underwriting and every time I go to negotiate a deal, I hear Matt’s voice coming out." ~ Tom
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